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Oradea Local Development Agency is a public company with sole shareholder Oradea Municipality. Our core business is the administration of the industrial parks (investment in infrastructure, maintenance of infrastructure, electricity distribution).

Also, we are a link between the private investors and education institutions and we offer support for establishing the business in Oradea – relation with public agencies/structures.

Exclusive Areas of Activity

Areas of work approved in Oradea Industrial Parks are:

  • manufacturing, with the possibility to concentrate on various leading industries;
  • business activities in the prevailing financial, banking, consulting, design, research, development and business management activities;
  • distribution with predominant storage of goods and logistics activities;
  • services, predominantly service industries;
  • in addition to activities that predominate and give the area of specialization of the industrial park to support the development of these activities, a series of related services may be carried out: provision of utilities, cleaning and security, trade and catering services, hotel activities, services accountancy, business support, insurance and other services similar to or in direct connection with them.