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The price of land in the Industrial Park:

Concession Fee: from 0.16 EUR/sqm/year + VAT

Administration fee: 0.4 EUR/sqm/year + VAT. (Compulsory even after land acquisition)

The purchase price of the land: from 4 EUR/sqm + VAT

The concession price and the management fee will be updated annually with the inflation in the euro area. Payment will be determined by the concession contract.

Terms of concession

The land available in the park can be leased for a period of 25 years, with the possibility to purchase it, if the investor finalizes the whole investment as presented in the contract.

As an exception, if an investor commits to a minimum investment of 1 million EUR (investment means the value of constructions it undertakes to carry out), the land will be sold after the completion of 15% of the investment.

The park administration is responsible for the achievement of a rate of 15% of the assumed investment. The 15% rate must be reflected in tangible investments. The purchasing contract for the land in question is null and void if the total investment is not accomplished within the period of time established in the contract.

The minimum sale price is 4 EUR/sqm + VAT. In the event of an acquisition price of 4 EUR/sqm + VAT, the amount paid as concession fee at the time of signing the sales contract will be deducted.

Leasing the land will be made by public auction for investments under 1 million EUR.

The amount paid by the investors when conducting business in the Industrial Park consists of the concession price and the administration fee. The administration fee will be paid by the beneficiary (even after the land is purchased), this being used for maintenance of common areas.

The land concession can be made by direct negotiation where an investor commits to a minimum investment of 1 million EUR.